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Providing quality coffee that supports police, fire, EMS, and Emergency Department personnel.

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 Emergentia Coffee Company

We are a small batch coffee company with a mission of supporting emergency services. 10% of coffee proceeds go toward supporting police, fire, and EMS mental health and wellness, with a particular focus on rural agency needs. Founded by paramedics with over 20 years of experience in the field, we know how important it is to support emergency service providers. We also know how important a good cup of coffee is when your at home or on the job. Enjoy...

About Our Name & Logo

Emergentia (em-er-JEN-tee-uh) is a derivation of the word Emergency.

Our logo was designed to represent the company's mission.

Vintage Emergency Light - Representative of police, fire, EMS, and Emergency Department personnel.

Coffee Bean - Represents the quality, small batch coffee we proudly serve.

Hands - Represents our "support" of emergency services.

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Ground Coffee

About the Coffee

We offer only the finest single origin and blended coffee roasted in small batches. We know how important a quality cup of coffee is to start your shift off right, no matter what type of coffee palate you have.

How to choose the Emergentia coffee thats right for you?

Read the coffee description and "Notes" on each bag to find the flavor profile that is right for you. Remember...

Light roasts have more caffeine and tend to reveal more distinct and unique flavors.

Darker roasts have less caffeine (but still plenty) and tend to have richer yet more neutral flavor profiles.

Medium roasts are right there in the middle, brining out subtle flavor profiles that are often preferred by "most" coffee drinkers.

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